Laura Valenciano Arrieta

Picture of Laura Valenciano

Laura Valenciano Arrieta

Costa Rica

Laura Valenciano is a feminist activist based is San José, Costa Rica. She is currently the Executive Director of ACCEDER, as well as founding member and current Resources Committee Member for Movimiento Aborto Legal Costa Rica, two collectives she supports to help guarantee access to the human rights of women and LGBTIQ+ communities. Recently she has been researching and analysing data on LBPQ women’s health, pleasure and wellbeing. Before occupying her current role in ACCEDER she coordinated their Advocacy Team.

With a background in law, Laura has delved into Human Rights, more specifically on climate justice through research and capacity development related to access to water and sanitation and the intersections with sexual rights and reproductive health issues. 

She is driven by core beliefs in people, empathy and joy and has a creative approach to work. She has an innate talent for making work feel fun – which results in highly effective team work and a positive work environment.