Suman Saurav

Suman Saurav

Digital Communications Associate

Suman identifies as a Dalit queer feminist, working at the intersection of caste, gender, sexuality, community building and digital advocacy. Being a staunch advocate for the inclusion of first-generation learners from marginalised backgrounds in the feminist leadership building movement, her work has centred around women and children from the Dalit and queer community.

Apart from community building, as a law graduate with a Masters in human rights law, her skills lie in legal research and policy analysis, and she uses her impeccable research and legal knowledge to create highly engaging and informative online and on-ground campaigns, workshops, training, and programs around feminist leadership and activism.

Prior to joining RESURJ, she has worked as a Programs Manager: Campaigns and Advocacy, with Dalit Women Fight, an organisation working on the issues of gender and caste-based violence, and has also served as a member of their Steering Committee for a year. She has also worked as a Campaigns Manager: Gender & Sexuality with, where she designed and lead various digital public mobilisation campaigns to success.

At RESURJ, Suman is currently the Digital Communications Associate.

What brings me pleasure:

Having my morning coffee while I sit and listen to lofi music, anime, blueberry cheesecake, inside jokes with my sister, fairy lights, late night balcony chats with my partner, and long drives without really having a destination.