Diverse Voices and Action – DIVA for Equality

Diverse Voices and Action – DIVA for Equality


Diverse Voices and Action, or DIVA for Equality, as it is also known, is a rapidly growing collective and peer support group of lesbian, bisexual women and trans masculine people, and other marginalised women including in non-traditional employment and sports. It grew out of a growing desire of a group of women to work on issues of human rights and social justice, including young women interested in sports ranging from rugby, soccer, to volleyball and hockey, music and the arts.

DIVA for Equality comes out of south feminist and lesbian activism, and links into wider women’s, youth, human rights, ecological, climate justice, trade justice, sustainable development and peace-building alliances and coalitions in Fiji and abroad.

Organization website: http://www.divafiji.com/about

Country: Fiji