Bruna David

Bruna David

Organizational Support Consultant

Bruna is a Historian and Scientist of religion. She works as a writer and translator, especially on the themes related to gender, LGBTIQA+ people and religion. She has also done research on religious intolerance in Brazilian context.

Since young, Bruna has been involved in the fight for fairer world. When in college, she funded a group to protect and provide care for the animals who were being mistreated at the college campus. Since then, she has worked with Catholics for a Free Choice, an NGO fighting for sexual and reproductive justice.

In 2019, she founded a group called Colective Faith.minists (Coletivo Fé.ministas) which fights for a secular State, and against fundamentalism, but also, and more importantly, the collective helps women and non-binary people who struggle in their own communities of faith. Her works aims to show the world that faith, religion, gender and LGBTQIA+ experiences are connected with each other in the life of people.

Whats brings me pleasure:

Working with words, watching a cat giving themself a bath, seeing the sun reflected on the sea, drinking coffee in the morning, listening to music on a road trip, making someone laugh, taking long showers.