BY Resurj,

December 9, 2014

RESURJ Launches #SexRightsTopia Video

In 2014, people across the world continue to experience violence, stigma and discrimination due to their real or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity.

Women are often denied access to sexual and reproductive health services, or are treated badly when they do. Many undergo unsafe and illegal abortions, which place their health and lives at risk. Young people lack the necessary information and services that respect their confidentiality and autonomy. Women, men and transgender people are being sexually harassed, intimidated, repressed, and even imprisoned or killed for protesting or gathering publicly in many countries around the world.  Gender based violence continues to harm people and communities everywhere.

On this Human Rights Day, RESURJ invites you to join us in asking: What would the world look like when sexual rights are upheld and enjoyed by all?  What does it take to create an enabling environment where all people, in all their diversity can exercise their sexual rights?

We have called this place… SexRightsTopia.

RESURJ believes that justice, freedom, pleasure, equality and empowerment for all is possible. We can live in a world where all people are encouraged and supported to live a happy, healthy and pleasurable life.

We encourage you to watch the video and tell us: 

What does your #SexRightsTopia look like?