Reflections on our Countries: Special issue #16DaysofActivism

December 10, 2020


In commemoration of the 16 Days of Activism, and marking International Human Rights Day,  RESURJ members and accomplices have put together this special edition of Reflections on Our Countries to share and reflect on the interlinked issues at stake when discussing a topic as prevalent  and complex as Gender-Based Violence and the various ways in which it manifests.  

From Mexico we discuss the Olimpia Law, a reform attempt to address digital violence with some unforeseen consequences. From Egypt, we question the efficacy of lighting buildings in orange while activists speaking out against GBV remain detained and harrassed.  From China we learn that even in contexts where civil society has been facing crackdowns and freedom of expression is extensively limited, collective mobilization and support towards GBV survivors is making a difference. We question the simple law and policy issue approach taken in Pakistan and reject the corporal punishment approaches as a solution to GBV. We also learn more about the challenges faced by the LGBT+ community in Western Kenya and some concrete proposals to address them. Finally, we learn more about the impact of militarization on the lives of women and girls in Libya.

We hope you enjoy the reading, and we encourage you to continue these conversations online with us.