Organizing across movements

As we have continued to deepen our interlinkages analysis, recognizing the need to break silos and explore further alternative to the systems of oppression and urgent and emerging crises of our time, RESURJ has focused on strengthening cross-movement collaboration  in our collective knowledge building, dialogues, advocacy strategies  and connecting for sharing of resources, knowledge, and skills. Over the years, we have organized dialogues and created spaces that center the interlinkages between economic, environmental, ecological, political economy, sexual, gender, and reproductive justice; connecting South feminist activists across movements, consituencies, and identities – environmental justice, sex worker rights, disability rights, migrants rights and care work, abolition and anti-carceral, food security and justice, feminist internet, digital rights, rural communities and land rights movements to name a few, for the realization of sexual and reproductive justice for all. 

In the contexts we and our allies work, where walls and borders separate and divide movements and communities, we are committed to reaching across movements to develop together strategies that challenge the status quo, and systems of patriarchy, capitalism, heteronormativity and economic and ecological crises. This includes organizing participatory  cross-regional and cross-movement convenings  where we have deepened our collective feminist analysis, and built new connections and solidarities across regions. RESURJ has engaged with various cross movement spaces and dialogues, building transnational solidarity and organizing. We have, for example, engaged for a number of years with the BRICS Feminist Watch (BFW) set up to monitor the economic formation of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) New Development Bank for south-south cooperation, with feminist allies from economic justice, gender justice, and environmental justice movements. In regional advocacy spaces, we have organized and worked across various movements, including  youth rights, LGBTQI, sex work rights, migrant workers, and ecological and climate justice activists. RESURJ is committed to developing collective action strategies and knowledge with environmental, ecological, social and economic justice activists and movements, and exploring conceptual inter-linkages and strategic alliances across these issues.