RESURJ Annual Report 2020!

We are excited to share with you our 2020 story!

2020 has been a difficult year for us all. The devastation and destruction caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are still unfolding in many parts of the world. We have seen the fragility and the breakdown of health services and systems throughout the world, including the interruption and deprioritization of vital sexual and reproductive health services.

As most of the world moved from physical spaces to virtual, in RESURJ, we had to find different and inclusive ways to continue our activism and south feminist organizing alongside you all. All the while prioritizing resource mobilization towards COVID-19 relief efforts that various communities of belonging have been doing relentlessly. We spent time revisiting and revising our ways of working and organizing feminist co-learning spaces to respond to new and old realities and crises faced by members and accomplices in our countries and communities.

2020 was a year of learning for us at RESURJ; adapting to new challenges and finding approaches rooted in collective care, rest, and pleasure to navigate these challenges. It is with this same care that we share our 2020 story with you. We hope for you to be a part of this story, and share your own reflections and suggestion with us. We value the support and encouragement from all of you who champion us and are comrades in our shared struggles and triumphs.

In solidarity, RESURJ Members and the Secretariat.