Africa Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (ACSHR)

RESURJ members at ACSHR

Four RESURJ members were at the 10th Africa Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (ACSHR) which took place in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The 3-dayconference starting from June 29 to July 1 2022, with over 40 sessions cutting across themes on bodily autonomy, feminist movements, gender transformative change, accountability and leadership, intergenerational dialogue and well being.

After two and some years of virtual organising, ACSHR provided an opportune regional space for RESURJ to engage and contribute to the current discourse on sexual reproductive justice. We had the opportunity to reconnect with our allies  and meetwith younger feminists from the continet. RESURJ collaborated with Deaf Women Included from Zimbabwe and Purposeful by co-sponsoring and co-hosting the Strategy session on Disability Justice. The session highlighted the gaps and challenges in generating evidence for disabled women and girlsand reflected on ways through which feminist and women’s organizing can navigate these realities. 

RESURJ contributed to the discussion on the role of the justice system and national and regional accountability mechanisms in tackling SRHR and GBV rights violations in a high level panel. We held space for younger African feminists to reflect on what sexual and reproductive justice means for them in their contexts through a Feminist Community of Care (FemCom) session. This marks the beginning of many more conversations to be had in the region around imagining a future full of pleasure and wellbeing for all.