Reflections on Our Countries

January- February 2021

We are excited to share with you the first edition of Reflections on Our Countries for 2021!  As we start the year we are energized by the many projects that are coming together and the ongoing work that members and feminist accomplices have been undertaking despite the multiple challenges posed by a global pandemic, and the increasing environmental and economic threats. 

In this first edition of 2021, we invite you to learn more about some important decisions made around sexual and reproductive health and rights across countries in the global south and the key role that young feminist activists are undertaking to impact these decisions. From RESURJ members, we share a critical analysis to better comprehend the links between vaccines, economic justice and SRHR, and are invited to take this moment as a reckoning within the SRHR movement. We also get to read why representation matters and the importance of having feminist leaders in decision-making positions in relation to Pakistan‘s recent historical court decision around “evidence” testing for rape survivors.

From feminist allies and accomplices, we get a deeper look into the historical context that led to the groundbreaking reproductive justice win in Argentina on access to safe, legal and free abortion. In the context of abortion rights, we also share how young feminist activists in Honduras have been mobilizing through the “Somos Muchas” (We are Many) Campaign, against the pushback they faced from conservative legislators in the Honduran chambers on the call for a total ban on abortion.   In the ongoing context of Covid-19 and other crises, we read about Lebanon’s recent -yet failed- attempt to bring the topic of domestic violence to the forefront of the political debate in Lebanon by a cursory approach to define what constitutes domestic violence.

We hope you are safe, enjoy the reading, and continue these conversations online with us!