RESURJ, Balance AC and Vecinas Feministas launch Injusta Justicia Campaign in LAC

Injusta Justicia is a campaign launched by RESURJ, Balance AC, and Vecinas Feministas in partnership with other local organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our intersectional analysis of sexual and reproductive justice requires us to interrogate any intervention through its interaction with multiple power systems, including gender, class and race. In doing so, we must face the contradictions of resorting to the criminal justice system to protect rights whilst recognizing its historical use as an instrument of domination and marginalization.

With #InjustaJusticia we want to reflect on the limits of the criminal justice system as the only defense strategy for the protection of sexual rights and reproductive rights of adolescents.

Do you want to reflect on laws that generate unfair conditions for adolescents? Visit: and join the discussion!

Translated materials will be uploaded shortly.