Request for Proposals – Feminist Evaluator

31 Mar, 2019

Request for Proposals – Feminist Evaluator


RESURJ is seeking an experienced feminist evaluator to conduct an in-depth assessment of global, cross-regional, and regional feminist convenings and dialogues hosted by RESURJ over the last few years.


Since 2010, RESURJ has convened a series of dialogues as part of our strategic plan, at a time when the need for further organizing has been clear and urgent. As a connector, RESURJ opens spaces and build bridges for and with younger feminists from the Global South to collaboratively assess, reflect, and create strategies for advancing Sexual and Reproductive Justice. Young feminists that have come together in RESURJ’s hosted dialogues in Latin America and Caribbean and Africa, and cross-regionally have continued to work and strategize together, in some cases creating and continuing to strategize informal and more formal collective and networks within their own contexts.

To sharpen, widen, and further concretize RESURJ’s strategies in hosting sexual and reproductive justice dialogues moving forward, the Alliance is conducting a convenings evaluation, to assess the ways our efforts of bringing young feminists together have contributed to sustainable feminist organizing, knowledge building, connection, leadership strengthening, and meaningful participation of our members and other young feminists in diverse spaces and over time in advancing Sexual and Reproductive Justice.


  • To further evaluate and understand the ways these spaces have contributed to the growth, learning, connection, leadership, and meaningful participation of RESURJ members and other young feminists in diverse spaces and over time, in advancing sexual and reproductive justice;
  • Develop recommendations for the revision, renewal, and revisiting of our convening activities towards the next strategic planning phase in 2020;
  • Provide external recommendations to allies, funders, and the wider feminist community on the possible shifts and changes that are urgent in approaches to funding for and implementation of South feminist convenings;
  • Offer a catalyst for a wider conversation in the community and sharing of best practice amongst South Feminist movements.

Scope and deliverables

Conduct an internal and external assessment of convenings reports, evaluations and survey results; identify and interview participants as relevant, RESURJ members, advisors, allies and Friends, grantmakers, and collaborators. We hope to build time for focused group discussions taking advantage of global and regional gatherings, such as CSW and HLPF, where participants of RESURJ convened spaces are attending.

Key tasks will include:

  • Development of a research and evaluation methodology plan
  • Desk review/mapping of RESURJ convenings objectives, outcomes, feedback, evaluation and follow up from RESURJ convenings 2010-2018
  • Focus group discussion/s with RESURJ convening participants, at least one global space in early 2019 (this may require travel)
  • Interviews and survey with diverse stakeholders, including RESURJ convening participants, RESURJ members, co-conveners, funders, and allies
  • Synthesize key findings: develop a report with a concise executive summary and sections outlining key findings; analysis and recommendations (Draft to be presented to RESURJ membership)
  • Prepare a short presentation for RESURJ members and allies
  • Regular check in with RESURJ secretariat and team members February – September 2019, including

The Evaluator 

  • We expect the consultant to have strong, demonstrable experience of feminist and/or social justice monitoring and evaluation, reporting and documentation, as well as a strong background in feminist movements and organizing in the Global South.
  • The evaluator should have knowledge and experience of best practice in participatory evaluation,
  • Familiarity with feminist movement building, human rights mechanisms, feminist organizing, and advocacy at various levels
  • Ability to synthesize and distill diverse qualitative information into objective recommendations
  • Fluency in English and either Spanish or French needed


  • March 30th – August 30th, 2019
  • All Deliverables due by August 30th, 2019

Reporting Requirements

  • The consultant will report to the RESURJ Secretariat and provide regular updates on the status of the project, and any challenges encountered in moving the project forward.

How to submit a proposal:

Interested parties are invited to submit a proposal outlining

  • Their understanding of the objectives and deliverables of the proposed project
  • Proposed approach and methodology and what type of data they would gather
  • Overview of your approach to feminist evaluation
  • Proposed project fee quoted in US dollars and detailed budget
  • And any additional resources/ support required to carry this consultancy forward

A full proposal should include:

  • A cover letter, your approach to the project and responses to the above
  • A resume or CV that highlights relevant experiences in carrying out evaluations of convenings on young feminist organizing, sexual and reproductive justice and advocacy
  • At least one example of similar work
  • The names of two references

Send your proposal to with subject line reading: Feminist evaluator by March 10th, 2019.

Questions regarding this call for proposal must be submitted in writing to by 5 pm EST on March 5th, 2019.

Location: Flexible