Round Table: How can the SDGs thrive in adverse political contexts?
Fri 07/05/2019, 12:00

Round Table: How can the SDGs thrive in adverse political contexts?

July 17 2019
8:15 - 9:30
919 2nd Ave, 2nd Floor
New York (@ World Vision)

The guiding principles of the Agenda 2030 must be used to address the multiple dimensions of vulnerabilities and injustices by providing a platform for a rights-based socially inclusive set of policies and services. But in many countries it has been challenged by political contexts that only lead to insecurity, undermining the sustainable development goals and eroding the quality of life of many people, especially women and girls.

This dialogue will focus on experiences from organizations that are fighting inequalities and promoting the SDGs, while addressing challenging political trends, especially in Brazil, UK, Philippines and Argentina.

We will have speakers from civil society, the UN and progressive governments. Our goal is to ensure a safe space for this dialogue. Therefore we kindly request that you register for the event ahead of time and we will send you a message once registration is confirmed.

Organized by: 
CS Working Group for 2030 Agenda – GTSC A2030/Brazil
Fundación para Estudo e Investigación de la Mujer (FEIM)
Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Justice (Resurj)

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