YP Foundation

The YP Foundation (TYPF) is a youth run and led organization that supports and enables young people to create programmes and influence policies in the areas of gender, sexuality, health, education, the arts & governance. The organization promotes, protects and advances young people’s human rights by building leadership, and strengthening youth led initiatives and movements. Founded in 2002, TYPF has worked directly with 5,000 young people to set up over 200 projects in India over the last 8 years, reaching out to 300,000 adolescents and young people between 3-28 years of age.

TYPF empowers young people to access information and services so that that they can build collective platforms that develop and strengthen their leadership potential and identity.  We empower young people by supporting their work through three key focus areas; Awareness and Advocacy, Community Based Partnerships and Communication & Skills Development.