RESURJ contribution to Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy Journal
Mari-Claire Price, Ghiwa Sayegh, Marisa Viana, and Oriana López Uribe
Tue 12/12/2017, 12:00

RESURJ members have authored an article in the inaugural Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy Journal. Building on RESURJ’s analysis Cut the Strings: Bodily Autonomy Needs Sustainable Funding, published in March 2017, the article develops the analysis to consider the far-reaching impact that ‘foreign funding’ and development assistance policy can have on women’s agency and bodily autonomy, and how they play out in women’s lives.

“...the struggle to address North and South dynamics emerging from a long history of imperialism, and the far-reaching impact that development aid policy can have on women’s agency and bodily autonomy remain unaddressed.”

To download and read the full article, click on the PDF below.

This Analysis appears in South Feminist Voices and is tagged with SRHR, Global Gag Rule, bodily autonomy.